We work with  farms and businesses in the area, to use locally sourced ingredients when possible.
Fresh, flavorful and nothing artificial about it!
"Welcome to our place! We are a family-run, independent business offering the best quality ice creams and sorbets using locally sourced and organic ingredients.   We are pleased to be a part of the Green Jeans Farmery and to be surrounded by such dedicated and talented people.  We offer a great place to meet, eat and socialise, so please come by the Farmery to try our delectable ice cream or just pop in to say hello."  Ryan and Vickie Fellows, owners

peppermint chocolate
organic ice cream with finely shaved chocolate and local organic mint

himalayan salted caramel
organic ice cream with decadent caramel, 
topped with coarse ground
sea salt

java chip
organic ice cream with cold pressed coffee from
Epiphany Espresso and organic chocolate chips

almond amaretto
organic ice cream with
organic almonds

and almond extract
spiced dark chocolate
organic ice cream with dark chocolate, cacao, cacao nibs, cinnamon,  and red chile
toasted coconut
non-dairy made with coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut oil and raw coconut flakes
rum cherry pecan
organic ice cream with organic run soaked cherries and chopped pecans
feat. Broken Trail Distillery

tropical pineapple
organic ice cream with crushed pineapple

creamy strawberry
organic ice cream with crushed strawberries

chimayo mango sorbet
organic mango with organic sugar and Chimayo chile

lemon sorbet
organic fresh squeezed lemon juice and organic sugar 
feat. Squeezed Juice Bar
matcha green tea pistachio
organic ice cream
with organic match green tea
and pistachios
nutty yummy
organic ice cream with
almond butter, banana
and whey protein